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new here and fairly new to golf...again have a few questions

August 25, 2011, 5:00 am - (3 years ago)
i am new here and still getting aquainted with the forum. i am 33 years old and am wanting to get back into golf. i used to play quite some years ago but gave the sport up to tournament bass fishing. now after being out of the fishing game for a while because of getting burnt out i am now wanting to get back into golf.
like i had said i have played in the past but wasnt very good back then either. i started with a friend that was an ok player and helped me get started. like i have said it has been years since i have played and wasnt very good back then and i know it was from lack of proper teaching. i do have some friends now that are very good players that i am hopeing to get some help from. with that said on to my questions.
in my searching for a set of clubs i have found a guy that i am trying to work a deal with for a set of clubs. he is more into fishing now than playing golf so i am working a trade with him for a full set of Ping G10 clubs with bag,driver,woods and 3-SW irons. they are a stiff flex which from what i have read and searched around on is better for a new player. and in more research going on the Ping website going by my height and wrist to floor measurement the lie angle that it says is best for me is the black dot standard. the clubs he has are a yellow dot which is a 1.5 degree upright. my question is how much will i notice this? and can it be corrected to get the proper lie angle to fit me?
my thinking right now at the point if i can get the trade deal done is to get the clubs and play them for a while save up some cash and sell them or trade them in later on for a better set of clubs that fit me better after i get a little better at the game where i would notice a fitted set of clubs more at that point than now.
so i wanted to come on here and ask your alls opinion of it and see what you all thought since you all know more than i do by far.

Thanks in advance

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